Anti-corrosive maintenance

Anticorrosive maintenance practices in the province of Padua

The maintenance of elements that make up industrial machinery and equipment is a topic that concerns almost all companies. Only the use of instrumentation in perfect working conditions allows us to achieve acceptable levels of productivity. In a context of global competition, where getting to serve its customers first is almost as important as the quality of the services offered, so there is a need for constant maintenance of metal structures and artifacts. For this reason, Bacchin srl proposes a series of interventions related to the anticorrosive maintenance of surfaces and equipment. Thanks to our experience, we will be able to understand the needs of each customer, as well as every company distributed in the territory of the province of Padua.

For the good functioning of plants and machinery

Our experienced and well-trained staff will be able to make the necessary repairs and repairs of metal structures of various types, thanks to maintenance actions performed directly at the customer site. Thanks to the careful study of the painting cycles for each case, and the use of surface tollerant products, it will be possible to achieve high efficiency results by restoring the functionality of articles, components and instrumentation

Finishes and attention to details

On request, we carry out finishing operations on pre-fabricated structures: valuable performance, these can be obtained at the end of assembly operations on large manufactures, and can record ever-positive results.

Manu factureand conservation works: For more information,

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