Metal sandblasting treatments in the province of Padua

Bacchin srl is the best choice for companies that need efficient, punctual, reliable services. Our certified operators, who are able to do their job better, are able to interface efficiently with any type of customer, providing only reliable and quick answers. In this field, the metal blasting activity is integrated, which will allow you to successfully handle materials such as iron, wood, stainless steel and many more. Our solutions are technologically advanced and able to cope with the needs of companies throughout the province of Padua.


You can get the type of sandblasting you want, choosing from the many types of intervention available to you. We do sandblasting on metal and metal grits, as well as with automatic plant, glass microspheres and corundum. In addition, the internal sandblasting is performed. The great modernity of our company also allows us to sandblasting and waterproofing anywhere, thanks to the convenience of mobile systems.

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Sandblasting is a treatment that can not only work on metals: Bacchin srl, in fact, offers treatments applicable to iron and wood, stainless steel, cast iron and bodywork. The great staff experience will ensure that every action is solved with success for the satisfaction of all parties involved. For more information, see the Contacts page.

Sandblasting performed also in mobility, throughout the regional territory: for information, +39 049 640433

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