Tests and certifications

Testing of plants in North East Italy

Quality is not a static goal, to achieve on one occasion. In fact, to represent a truly winning company is to seek, every day, to improve its service, seeking the most appropriate solutions to the needs of its customers. Quality, therefore, is a long-term goal to be reaffirmed at the end of every successful work. For this reason, Bacchin srl is always particularly attentive to the theme represented by the sector certifications, which involves the conduction of tests and tests concerning machinery and procedures. Our company is ready to support businesses in North East Italy to ensure the safety of equipment used and the efficiency of work environments.

Attention and efficiency

Given the growing sensitivity of the companies to the theme of the quality and efficiency of the production processes, Bacchin srl has been thinking of responding to these requirements through the carrying out of tests and controls, including contradictions, with the release of control records. It is possible to test roughness and abrasive granulometry, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment, wet film thickness, dry film thickness. This last test is done by using optical instruments for each layer.

Adhesion Test

We are able to perform film adhesion testing by film-tightening, film adhesion by pull-off test as well as visual compensation controls. For more information, see the Contacts section of this site, including the coordinates needed to communicate with our managers.

Testing and testing aimed at excellence: for information,

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