IndustrialPaintingsin Saonara

Bacchin srl is a point of reference within the Padova area for the production of industrial paintings, metal blasting treatments and maintenance. Our company, located in Saonara, in Viale Veneto, 40, is able to offer its customers precise and accurate services, which will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Thanks to the experience gained during the years of activity, we are able to interpret the needs of companies throughout North East Italy and to propose them as a serious and competent ally for the realization of paintings and industrial performance. By choosing our business, you will have the confidence to make the most correct decision: For more information, you can consult the Contacts section.

An ally for businesses across northern Italy

Presented on the market since 1980, Bacchin srl is able to provide efficient services in the field of industrial sandblasting and metallization, as well as in the field of industrial varnishes of various types. By utilizing the modern equipment and technologies at our disposal, within the 5,000 square meters plant - of which 3,000 covers - we are therefore able to point out to us for the provision of anticorrosive maintenance, instrument testing, but also for the supply of Paint products. Our up-to-date and attentive operators will be able to interpret every customer's needs and provide competent and timely performance that can enhance the competitiveness of each partner.

The ideal partner for metallurgy and sandblasting companies: for information, + 39 049 640433

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