Metallization interventions in all
Northern Italy

Thanks to the metallization it is possible to exploit the obvious advantages of the metal applied to other materials. This process, which involves the adhesion of a non-metallic component and a metallic coating, provides protective, decorative or functional features, especially in the case of electrostatic applications. Bacchin srl has been working in the field of metallization for more than 30 years and offers companies throughout Northern Italy experience in performing targeted and rapid interventions that can record high-level results in every context and situation. For more information, quotes and advice, simply go to the Contacts page.

The metallization process

Metallization is a process obtainable in different ways. In fact, our staff is able to operate the so-called plating, ie the application of adhesives that allow joining a non-metallic component and a sheet of metal. Likewise, it is possible to make dimming by immersion, ie by inserting the object to be treated in a molten metal solution. Conceptually similar are the treatments for molten metal spraying and vaporization of the vacuum; By means of electrolysis, it is possible to intervene on non-metallic but conductive components.

The interventions of Bacchin srl

Bacchin srl performs 85% to 15% zinc, aluminum and zinc coatings with thickness ranging from 50 to 200 microns. It is possible to operate at our customers' premises, as well as at our large shed of more than 5,000 square meters, located in Viale Veneto, 40 in Saonara.

High-profile metallization interventions for optimum results: For information,

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