Third Party Intervention

Third Party Interventions

We have specialised equipment and teams dedicated to intervention, both at the customer's plants and at the construction sites for the execution of operations of sandblasting, metallisation and painting of large structures. We carry out finishing operations on pre-treated structures at the end of assembly operations.
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Maintenance services throughout 
Northern Italy

The great strength of Bacchin srl lies in the strong desire to serve its customers with passion and attention. We offer effective sandblasting, metallization and painting treatments, as well as testing, scheduled maintenance and corrosion protection. All work is carried out taking advantage of modern and constantly updated equipment, present inside our large equipped. At our site, more than 5,000 square meters, 3,000 of which are covered, we can carry out work that has made our company renowned and particularly appreciated among companies in Northern Italy. The modernity of a company that wants to define itself as leader in its sector, however, leads to the proposal of highly flexible solutions, such as the work proposed by our company to third parties.

Optimum results for all applications

Bacchin srl carries out blasting and painting work on behalf of third parties, offering the same reliability and quality used in our factory. Thanks to the use of mobile instruments, it is possible to supply the same quality and speed of action, focused on the treatment of metal components and structures, as well as various equipment and instruments. Please contact one of our managers to enlist our services of our company: please see the contacts section for how to do this. Bacchin Srl offers its services to all businesses in northern Italy, beyond those in the province of Padua.

Reliability and efficiency, both on site and at customer facilities: 
for information, please call +39 049 640433

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